Cowichan's Musical Community Centre

Duncan Showroom
131 Station Street
-ground floor-

located in the heart of downtown Duncan

'it's about the music'    
    Our heart lies in the attentive audience experience and we are revered for creating and maintaining one of the finest intimate showcase venues in the Canadian music scene, not only locally / provincially / nationally but internationally as well for over 18 years. We do believe we have had and will continue to have a positive effect on live entertainment production standards for Canadian venues and we do trust that our endeavours are appreciated by our audiences and performers alike. 



for those of you who either can't make it to the event cause of illness or family emergencies or you don't live in our immediate  area

we 'live' stream all of our concerts to youtube and facebook


(if you are local and watching from home, sitting in the chair of your choice, wearing the clothes of your choice, drinking the beverage of your choice, possibly even inhaling the fresh air of your choice and all for 'free', why not donate the ticket price or parts thereof so we can continue this 'free' to you service)








39 Days of July 2021

archived live streams 

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one way to support the Showroom experience is to view and possibly buy a photo book of past performers

created by Nik West

all profits go to the Showroom  





You enter these premises with the understanding that 

 this is a non-alcohol venue ,
that means no alcohol allowed on premises, please...
inebriated patrons will be asked to leave
 we reserve the right to refuse entry






Longevity John
Duncan Showroom   

250-748-7246 (RAIN)
text 250-597-1554

Welcome to

Moving into May and beyond 

we have managed to stay open during all of the past two years of mayhem and we do plan on remaining open as we come up to celebrating 19 years in September since we first launched the Showroom experience

an all ages listening venue

bums in seats is the magic formula for us remaining open and continuing this service to the community

we need as many of you as possible to come to the many concerts we present even if you have not heard of them music you never knew you liked and create more…

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Previous events

LJ Mounteney with Rhythm Train

The Duncan Showroom, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

a Vancouver vocalist, she arrives as a blues quartet featuring Jack Lavin, Ross Hall and Jan Randall (aka: Rhythm Train) she brings the music from her latest CD produced by Jack Lavin

$20 tix.[%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22search_results%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22bookmark_search%22%7D]%2C%22ref_notif_type%22%3Anull%7D

Brandon Isaak

The Duncan Showroom, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

Brandon is an award winning musician with a passion and a thirst for the history of music and origins of the blues, and it shows in his live shows. He is an entertainer as well as a gifted musician. “Entertaining an audience and making a connection with them is as important as great music and lyrics”. So many artists today just sit and play and don’t connect with their audiences.

$25 limited seating

James Gordon

The Duncan Showroom, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

James Gordon heads to Vancouver Island in September for his first tour since Covid

Like most touring musicians, it’s been a real challenge staying off the road during the pandemic. In fact, James Gordon’s new album ‘When I Stayed Home’ addresses that very issue as you can tell from the title. James loves Vancouver Island, and the kind people on your lovely island seem not to mind him too terribly much , so it seemed natural for him to return to the coast from his base in Guelph for his first tour since you-know-what. It’s been quite a year already for the veteran songwriter. His first ‘musical novel’ ‘The Ark Of The Oven Mitt’ (about a Canadian band on the road, oddly enough ), was named a finalist for the prestigious Stephen Leacock Humour Award, and the reviews for the unique book (there are 36 songs that accompany the story)- have been remarkably enthusiastic. This spring Gordon had his first ‘viral’ hit with his controversial song ‘Crybabies Caravan’ about the so-called ‘freedom convoy’; 300,000 hits on YouTube and social media, and a lot of press. In May and June in Southern Ontario he directed the sold-out run of an equally newsworthy theatre production called ‘Living Below The Line’, written and performed by a courageous group of people all living in poverty. Interest in his new album continues to be strong, and he’s got a new batch of songs ready to share on the September tour, (dates and info below). “So many songs. So little time”, that’s James’s dilemma. On this tour he’ll be sharing new works from the album and book, some even more recent works from his new one-man musical ‘James Gordon’s Emergency Climate Musical’ and audience favourites from his extensive back catalogue from his years with the seminal Canadian folk trio ‘Tamarack’ and his years spent as songwriter-in-residence with Arthur Black’s ‘Basic Black’ CBC radio program. He’ll also be giving two songwriting workshops: (He’s done more than 1500 of these in his long career), and will be reading from the new novel at the Nanaimo library. If his instruments don’t get lost on his flight, he’ll be performing solo on guitar, piano, banjo, penny whistle, mandolin and harmonica and he’ll take audiences on his usual musical rollercoaster ride with everything from the historical to the hysterical. There’s lots more info about James at

Here are links to some recent videos: The Great Divide: the single from the ‘When I stayed Home’ album on Pipe Street Records For Free: a live video with excellent band We Are Broken But We’ll Mend- also from the new album

And while you are on YouTube, there are now literally hundreds of covers, many by choirs, of his classic song ‘Frobisher Bay’.

$20 - $30 suggested donation


Big Dirty Boots

The Duncan Showroom, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

formed in 2013 with original band members Kaj Falch-Nielsen and Dave Peters. They have played together in many different bands over the past 20 years. Big Dirty Boots brings together emotional vocal and cello songs, with fun filled rock tunes featuring the stand up bass and acoustic guitar. Tad Ruszel, a second generation bluegrass player who has been touring and recording his own music for the last 15 years, joined the band in 2017 to reunite these Vancouver Island childhood friends. Tad on the vocals, electric guitar and mandolin, adds a fresh bluegrass influenced feel to the Big Dirty Boots classic acoustic rock sound.

Come check out Big Dirty Boots for a night of music ranging from melody driven acoustic rock to fun filled covers and original songs!

$20 cover


40th Day of July - one more kick at the can for summer

Duncan City Square

After having gone from a 16 day to a 31 day festival then to the 39 Days of July way back in 2011, we were asked each year if we were going to make it a longer festival.

Well about 6 years ago we figured we could add a 40th day but not until the Sunday of Labour Day weekend in September, you know, one more kick at the can for the endless summer

And we hold it in City Square to make it easier on all the crew

3pm – Schayde Gray

3:30pm – Steve Cutler

4pm –Leenie Beenie

4:30pm –Lip Forest

5pm Amanda Movio

6pm Malakai

7pm Tai Williams

8pm Braden Gates

9pm Funky Lowdown

by donation