Cowichan's Musical Community Centre

Duncan Showroom
131 Station Street
-ground floor-

located in the heart of downtown Duncan

'it's about the music'     
    Our heart lies in the attentive audience experience and we are revered for creating and maintaining one of the finest intimate showcase venues in the Canadian music scene, not only locally / provincially / nationally but internationally as well for over 18 years. We do believe we have had and will continue to have a positive effect on live entertainment production standards for Canadian venues and we do trust that our endeavours are appreciated by our audiences and performers alike. 



for those of you who either can't make it to the event cause of illness or family emergencies or you don't live in our immediate  area

we 'live' stream all of our concerts to youtube and facebook


(if you are local and watching from home, sitting in the chair of your choice, wearing the clothes of your choice, drinking the beverage of your choice, possibly even inhaling the fresh air of your choice and all for 'free', why not donate the ticket price or parts thereof so we can continue this 'free' to you service)

one way to support the Showroom experience is to view and possibly buy a photo book of past performers

created by Nik West

all profits go to the Showroom  


You enter these premises with the understanding that 
 this is a non-alcohol venue ,
that means no alcohol allowed on premises, please...
inebriated patrons will be asked to leave
 we reserve the right to refuse entry






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Duncan Showroom   

text 250-597-1554

Welcome to

Moving into May and beyond 

we have managed to stay open during all of the past two years of mayhem and we do plan on remaining open as we come up to celebrating 19 years in September since we first launched the Showroom experience

an all ages listening venue

bums in seats is the magic formula for us remaining open and continuing this service to the community

we need as many of you as possible to come to the many concerts we present even if you have not heard of them music you never knew you liked and create more…

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Ty Koch and Nico Rhodes

The Duncan Showroom, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

Ty Koch, vocals and Nico Rhodes, keyboard perform a mix of everything from Classical art song, musical theatre favourites, crooner tunes, popular ballads, original songs with a blues vibe and vintage rock & roll! Ty & Nico just returned from a tour of northern British Columbia in February and are delighted to perform at the Duncan Showroom later this month.

Ty Koch is a young singer based in Vancouver, Canada that performs a variety of musical genres including blues, rock, and classical music. He began song writing at the age 17 performing with his friends. Over the last few years, Ty has been working with several artists performing and recording at theatres, local clubs and festivals including the Nanaimo Big Band Festival and on two Rise Up Reality TV Tours which can be viewed on Roku TV. Ty has recorded and released two songs: Go to War and Waiting to Be Found.

Nico Rhodes is a genre jumping, multilingual musician who collaborates with other artists and artforms to experience and explore music in as many styles as possible. Growing up touring around the globe surrounded by artists and the world of theatre - he is equally comfortable playing jazz, classical, funk or roots music, orchestrating a symphony, writing musicals, and conducting choirs. He begins his day with an expresso and practicing his Japanese, the language he is currently embracing. Nico Rhodes is one of the most in demand young arranger/musical directors in Canada, with 40 stage musicals to his credit. He’s written 400+ original compositions, four original musicals and arranged two symphonic pops concerts. He’s been nominated for two Jessie and five Ovation Awards and in 2019 was honoured with Nanaimo’s Emerging Cultural Leader Award. He composes for stage, screen and media, works with multiple choirs, plays with several jazz trios and tours in a duo with his mother, renowned chanteuse Joelle Rabu. In 2022, Nico created a new show entitled Piano Heist which showcases the piano for the last 300 years – he also produced the Chapter’s Project - a series of four multi-artist multi-genre concerts at The Port Theatre in Nanaimo.

$25 ticket


The Lost Talkers

The Duncan Showroom, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

a collective of Victoria musicians who have come together so that they may write, record and perform what they like to call West Coast Roots music. Combining elements of Folk, Blues, Bluegrass and Traditional music The Lost Talkers have crafted a distinct sound that’s hard to label but easy to enjoy

$20-$25 suggested donation


on a monthly basis gathering some of the many songwriters in the valley and on the island to showcase what they do ...write songs...does as a panel where each performer does a song and if any of the others feel like helping out so be it

the interaction between the songwriters usually means set lists are thrown out the window

this month is TBA

asking for $15-$20 donations for cover


Rockson Road

The Duncan Showroom, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

  • Rockson Rock is a Canadian rock band formed on Gabriola Island. Their carefully constructed rock anthems are specifically designed to make you wanna get up out of your seat* and shake what your momma gave you. The band has the ability to walk the fine line of exuding confidence and professionalism, while also showcasing the playful and lively chemistry they have cultivated through the brotherhood that they share. This ultimately leaves the listener captivated not only by the music, and the lyrics, but also by the powerfully animated stage presence that they bring to each and every one of their performances


  • there will be a designated danced area


Marianne Grittani Band

The Duncan Showroom, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

a seasoned singer, songwriter, and performer whose musical personality is deep and wide. Her well-crafted songs are filled with intelligence and soul, embracing common themes like love, loss, home, road adventures, and hopes for humanity—all in a way uniquely her own.

always brings in stellar musicians along with her, (think killer harmonies as well) she is a treat to behold

first met her in the 1970's at a folk/coffee house in London Ontario known as Smales Pace, anytime I can present her in a concert format I will

$20 ticket