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Duncan Showroom

131 Station Street
-ground floor-

Duncan Showroom

133 Station Street
-24 stairs to musical paradise-

located in the heart of downtown Duncan

'it's all about the music'    
    Our heart lies in the attentive audience experience and we are revered for creating and maintaining one of the finest intimate showcase venues in the local / provincial / national and international Canadian music scene for over 13 years. We do believe we have had and will continue to have a positive effect on live entertainment production standards for Canadian venues and we do trust that our endeavours are appreciated by our audiences and performers alike. 


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should you wish to donate the ticket price to the concerts you watch
or are just willing to donate to help keep us keep afloat in this audacious vision
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You enter these premises with the understanding that 
-these are non-alcohol venues,
that means no alcohol allowed on premises, please...
inebriated patrons will be asked to leave
-we reserve the right to refuse entry

 Longevity John’s Finger Snappin’ Toe Tappin’ Money Back Guarantee…

 …if you do not like the music within the first ½ hour of the performance, your money will gladly be refunded  BUT…
should I or any of my spotters take note that you were seen snapping your fingers, tapping your toes
or making any of those absurd air band facial contortions…
this guarantee becomes null and void…thank you





Longevity John
Duncan Showroom    250-748-7246 (RAIN)


Duncan Showroom downstairs 


Things I live by: 

Upon seeing light at the end of the tunnel … do order more tunnel 

 When treading on thin ice, you might as well dance 
Having just turned 65, I decided that I needed to pursue my dreams and visions with even more intensity and gusto than previously mustered. This is how I see it: 
  As the community based business downstairs from the Duncan Showroom at 129/131 Station Street will be leaving end of September, the opportunity to expand our potential outreach is within…

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Sneaky Bones

the new Duncan Showroom-downstairs, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

Sneaky Bones is a Seattle based acoustic and solo pedal steel alt-folk outfit that weaves new textures in the folk landscape. Instrumental dexterity and vivid storytelling keeps audiences enraptured and entertained. $15 door $12 advance


Tango del Domingo

 —  —

the new Duncan Showroom-downstairs, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

…every 4th Sunday of the month, John and Linda Fowler host a south island milonga, where the ambience and décor suit the afternoons festivities and tango enthusiasts gather to dance … $15 per person


For The Love of Words with host Bill Levity

the new Duncan Showroom-downstairs, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

in our 9th year of presenting this monthly event designed that if you have written words or so enjoy another’s enough to share them, this is the evening for you..10 min limit to stage time $5 for readers $7 for others


Spinnin’ Vinyl

the new Duncan Showroom-downstairs, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

we pull out the turntable and pull the LP’s off the selves that we want to hear and hopefully you do too… .kinda like hanging out in someone’s rec room… bring your own lp’s if you want…all about fun times… $5 for everyone


Sean McCann

the new Duncan Showroom-downstairs, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

Sean was a founding member and part of Newfoundland's Great Big Sea, a band that toured the world for 20 years and broke many an attendance and product sales records while doing this... then came a time for the inner look and the desire for change was strong enough for Sean to focus back to what his music was capable of being... a healing and consoling agent of peace and love and personal reflection... he does this quite successfully, yes, we will sing along to the many hits and yes, we will hear the stories

and yes we will all have a most memorable musical experience of a life time

$40 ticket limited seating



Camaro 67

the new Duncan Showroom-downstairs, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

a 10 piece afrofunk group from Vancouver in Victoria on September 30th as part of the Garden City Grooves festival had heard great things about The Duncan Showroom and were looking to book a show on Saturday October 1st if the room was available.....a band with a horn section? most recent shows have at The Vogue Theatre in Vancouver with Alpha Blondy on June 17th, and at David Lam Park as part of the Vancouver International Jazz Festival on July 3rd.

$20 door $15 advance : https://youtu.be/EyJUCB4HPLU http://www.camaro67music.com/one-sheet/


Martyn Jones

the new Duncan Showroom-downstairs, 131 Station Street, Duncan BC

… he is a superb interpreter of the many great songs written and armed with his acoustic guitar / wonderful vocal range is able to take us some marvelous musical journeys to make Sunday afternoons even more pleasant in the Cowichan Valley… $12 door 10 advance